From somewhere, 2010

What is this project?

This project is for From somewhere which is sustainable fashion brand with eco-friendly materials since 1997, also they are founder and curators of The British fashion council Estethica at London fashion week.

Estethica is an exhibition shown few company related with sustainability of fashion industry. In their exhibition, they need a space as a changing room in order to alter the clothes to their new collection, which is made of speedo swimsuit, so that they ask us to produce it. Sophie, Caroline, Natasha and me team up and have this project. They need to us that this item will be delivered by aeroplane to Milan, Paris and New York for their show in each city’s fashion weeks. It should be lightweight and foldable. We have thought that this item will be folding screen, also divided two parts; top parts and bottom will be separated. Between each part, the Dowel joint was employed. You can see video below. Speedo swimsuit is used for each panel not to see over the screen.

From somewhere website
London Fashion Week website