Tape lighting, 2009

This project is for Design cube in 2009. My proposal was selected for Design cube in the Kwanghwamoon and the N-Tower, Seoul. Design cube is individual exhibition space and selected designer can be shown their art works to public for one month in the Namsan N-Tower which is Seoul's landmark and sightseeing place for tourists. This work was exhibited in January of 2009.

Namsan N-Tower website
Saving by Design plus website

Red box tapes used on Camper walls during the 2008 Saving by Design exhibition were recycled into a newly designed lighting. The triangular pyramid form allows various lighting shapes according to the way it is taped. Originally taped on the checkered wall, the tapes are newly interpreted into tape lighting by a simple process that anyone can approach with.

plastic tape / 200x200x500(mm) / 2009