What kind of clothes should I wear today?, 2009

This project is for Tent London during London Design Festival in 2009. I received funding from Seoul Arts foundation for my work and this exhibition. After project, my article, that tell people how to prepare international fairs and things that I happened, was published in Seoul + Culture magazine, Nov 2009. This lighing is being exhibited at Pierre Garroudi Gallery in the South of London.

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Normally, it is fixed in the colors or materials of the illumination products from the early stages of their production. The concept is that objects also can have the right to wear various clothes like human being. I designed shades of lightings differently using clothes and colors of the Korean traditional materials so that the users can change their part of illumination easily to suit the atmospheres of their houses and emotions of them.

steel / 300x300x550(mm) / 2009




pierre Garroudi Gallery  

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